When you have the guts to train like a *mother is definitely an achievement already but to keep pushing..and reaching goals that are where the real inner strength lays.

the beauty of fitness is that it aligns with so much health benefits. eating right, healthy meals and nutrition.

That inner strength though, how do people keep it up? waking up in the morning knowing what lays ahead.dragging yourself to the gym and then the magic happens. It is a good feeling and that beast appears.

This is what I see in our Fitness photography clients.  They push through, toughens up and show what they are made of.

The easy path is not the popular one. This is why we at Silvaticvus photograph fitness in Calgary, Alberta.

We document this inner beast that is part of who you are.

Being confident and being fit goes hand in hand right? Well, not always. This is why we assist our fitness clients to feel relaxed and make it an easy photo-session. No pressure, just having fun!

To document this progress and achievement is what we do, in a fun and relaxed environment. There are loads of studios and locations within Calgary.

Contact yura@silvaticusmedia.com to book your shoot.