So here we have it, 2018 is the year! I have been dreaming about working for myself for years. the only thing that really kept me back was …FEAR and just being ready.

Fear eats away at your confidence. It breaks down and later the only one believing in me was my kids…cause they think life is easy and I can wing anything. (they have  a super cool mom).

Back to my insecurities. After working years for people who do not always see the value I have to offer and *ideas, I have to grow their business. I am doing it, going out on my own with a very supportive husband who really is our rock.

(*deas – some out of the box ideas – not always aligning with their strategy)

They say there is no successful man without a woman, well in this household it is TRUTH. honestly, we both `the wind beneath our wings.

Being an entrepreneur was sold to me as always coming up with a new invention or genius idea. I thought you need to be a scientist of some sort. thankfully after years of experience and lots of self-help books, I get it.

There is no magic potion, (except if you Elon Musk and have loads of cash and super smart) only hard work, little chunks a day, dedication and enjoying what you do. That is the magic recipe.

So here is to us, Silvaticus Media in Calgary 2018 will bring success, flexibility financial success, and allow for creativity.