Just for fun, here is a list for all the moms working from home that can relate, why we should be so lucky!

We can push the snooze button one more time…or not because the kids have to get to school and there are heaps of traffic in Calgary Alberta on the way to school.

Luckily we Miss the traffic on the highway so we have time to do laundry in the morning
Clean while we talk on the phone – using a headset really makes that multitasking easy
Pick up clothes, toys or whatever your sweet messy kids decided to leave on the stairs.

Start making supper in the crock pot during your lunch hour..wait what is lunch!?

sweep the floor in heels just before you leave for a meeting, using baby wipes to clean the yogurt of your Banana Republic heels (most expensive I can afford)…that is how we roll

Midday cuddles and kissing booboos being there for the kids.

This is the major privilege that I am so very grateful for.
using drop-in daycare and love that free moments to actually -love what you do for work

And I would not change it for the world…being THAT stay at home WORKING mom that smiles every day (not at any particular moment but at least when I meet clients)

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