There once was a South African; Mexican and Brit walking into an ice cream store. True story.

well, the evening started a bit earlier. We all been out for supper at Bridgette Bar in Calgary that btw offers amazing service. We decided to go for the plates options. There were so many options we had to taste it all! let me just add that the grilled lamb sirloin was incredible.

After supper, we were ready to order dessert but as the conversation grew, we started to have a little problem…
As we are from different places of the world, with lots of traveling between us we were debating where is the best ice cream is in the world. Yes, what a topic!
It got totally interesting when I mesmerized about ice cream at the beach with caramel sauce dripping down, hardening and getting crunchier by the second. That was my best childhood memory. We would drive out to the ocean, Blouberg. The store that sold the particular caramel dip and ice cream was a little gas store, with soft-serve. We would run down to the sand where crashing waves would fall over and over. The wind always blew your hair into your ice cream that is dripping down your hand.
The seagulls would turn above you hoping for leftovers. The sand would sometimes stick to your ice cream but that did not matter. I would run to the ocean wash my hands in the cold water and most likely get my pants wet in the process. That was good times, my best memories.
Back to the debate, The Mexican was telling us about  Neveris Roxy. The creamiest creamy ice cream with sweet delicant toppings combined with warm weather.It sounded perfect. This was an easy sell, the most traditional ice cream in Mexico’s capital, using authentic artisan methods, a Nevería Roxy parlor is a must try when in Mexico!
Then the brit was about to blow my mind. After years of traveling, always trying ice cream on his travels, he found it! It was not far far away or on another continent. It was right here and nearby.
Village Ice cream, Calgary. and just like that, we paid the bill at Bridgette bar called uber and a hop skip and a jump…walked into this dark driveway, not sure where we were heading..and there it was Village ice cream.   I truly found the yummiest, creamiest variety. The options available are unbelievable! The waffle cone, absolutely hard enough to crunch but soft enough to sink your sweet-tooth in.
What a treat! Local is * lekker and having on of the best ice creams on our doorstep is just another reason I love Calgary. #LoveYYC
*“Local is Lekker” is a common South African phrase meaning the things close to home are often the best. Lekker (adjective) is the Afrikaans word meaning delicious, but it is generally used to describe something as nice, cool, awesome and many more similar descriptions