Reflecting on a Friday


This week started with losing Dolores O’Riordan. The truth is, I adore her music and listen to it almost every day. I am not the type of fan to follow every step of my idols but I do try to keep up with their accomplishments. She was a true artist. In the past I read an interview she did…and it always stuck with me. This young school girl that just do what she loves and took the plunge without knowing the success she will achieve.

Her advice:  take it slow, don`t overthink or overwork yourself.

This is exactly where I find myself this week. Trying to parent, build a website, business and shoot corporate photography for my portfolio while networking.

So much to do and so little time in a day.

As an entrepreneur I decided this week to take things slow but steady.  Working smart is working hard but taking the time to do it step by step is always the right thing to do. Chunks at a time.

I am going to be authentic in what I do and I am going to stay true to myself.

Clients I have worked with in the past know that I am committed and do my best to give the results they want. This is only achievable if you focus on your strengths.

My strengths are to do the work, think creatively, work hard, bring it all together and not overcommit but over deliver.

This is what makes me unique.

I know my strengths and I will take the time to build a business where every person I come in contact with will remember how I made them feel. Let’s keep our uniqueness like the music of The Cranberries. She will be remembered because she was true to herself and authentic.


SilvaticMedia will be a huge success giving me the flexibility and creativity I crave. One slow but steady step at a time.


credits: Dolores O’Riordan onstage with the Cranberries circa 1995. Photo by Independent News and Media/Getty Images.