Photos MOVING and COME TO LIFE is really HOT NOW! Cinemagraphs

Following Trends 

Every year there are new trends and things are looking mighty fine for 2018.

We have been keeping our eye on this year’s trends and we are very excited about the animated photos in Photoshop with the 2.5D parallax.

How cool does this look?  SilvaticusMedia Cinemagraph  With our photography skills and design elements we can create such beautiful images.

For smaller businesses, sometimes it is harder to be noticed, we focus on the clients long-term business strategy and keep short-term goals in mind.

Keeping an audience is hard work and turning an audience into sales is even harder.

Today, people have an attention span of a few seconds. You need to stay relevant and visual stimulating to keep interest. As a result, images are more important than ever, especially on social media. Silvaticus Media has the expertise to use varied photos and video to draw your target audience and to keep retention. But with following new trends, your audience find you exciting. therefore they will keep looking.

Therefore choosing a cost-effective company that offers animation is one of the benefits choosing SilvaticusMedia to do your online marketing and manage Social media.

You will be NOTICED! There will be an increase in revenue and your ROI is guaranteed. This is how crucial Social Media is in today’s business. Are you keeping up with trends marketing your business?

SilvaticusMedia takes your product or service, we become your personal Creative Director. Planning a strategy, interlinking, blogging, Facebook, Pinterest, Social Media, SEO.

We are a small company, this is our advantage. With other freelancers, we offer personal B2B services. We focus on Small to medium businesses who are ready to keep up with new trends and allow themselves to explore Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more platforms.

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.

Let us take your Social Media and online visual to the next level.