Reflecting on a Friday

Being a nature lover I am constantly looking to be inspired by nature. Nature is where I find my happy place, my peace, and stillness. This last weekend we decided to go to Kananaskis Country just outside Calgary. Just a quick drive and you are surrounded by mountains.

We walked to the Widowmaker which  This trail is along the edge of the Kananaskis River, giving views of canoeists, kayakers, and rafters on the river. This is where you find the blue waters, surrounded by rock, trees, and incredible beauty.

The water is crystal clear and I would jump in at an instance if I knew it was not so cold. We walked along the river, picking up the glass of ice and threw rocks on top of the frozen ice.

After a while, we decided to walk to higher ground and watch the view from above. What a sight. The Skye is clear, the chickadees singing in the trees are swaying in the wind.

My two year old went to go lay down and try to make snow angels on the ground but the snow is to hard to make the angels wings. He laid still watching the sky. I decided to join him and kneeled down laying flat on my back. What I saw was such a beautiful sight.

Five Pines growing super high, with new little soft almost neon green pines at the top. The soft green leaves greener than the rest of the tree. The top looks more brush than the rest of the tree and every time the wind blows high up the five pines start to sway, almost dance-like, in the wind.

Immediately, It made me think about being resilient. The highest part of the tree that is still soft and new were swaying in the wind. Moving with the motion and almost wave-like…

I thought about life and how we are to dance with the motions. Adapt to our surroundings and how we must learn to go with the flow. It seems that is what nature wants to teach us.

Just let it be and as the wind takes you. I thought about the trees foundation. It was solid, hard and deeply rooted. That reminded me to plan that you have a solid foundation.  Grow strong from healthy roots but flexible to make it work whatever way the wind blows you.

Stand fast in your feet and grow healthy and happy. Have a solid foundation but be flexible enough to go with life’s motions.