Having mom friends is such an amazing thing. They can share all the stories and joys that go with having kids.

Sometimes, though I feel like not being a  mom friend just being myself and who I am without the little munchkins attached to my side.

There is so much to a person and who they have become. Silvaticusmedia celebrates and supports all who we are and what business we do to support our lives.

We are grandmothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Friends…..

We are Individuals, Rebels, Dreamers, Misfits, Hippies, Nature Lovers……..

We are Lovers of Art, Music, Poetry, Readers, and Explorers…

We are believers in magic, meant to be, lucky or take gambles

We believe it’s possible, We can do it, hard work pays but also smelling the roses being good listeners

We believe peace, support, daydreaming, making love not war and understanding

We are mentors, teachers, followers, supporters and believe in serving others

We are Woman


SilvaticusMedia is owned and operated by Yura Savage. She is a Headshot and Product Photographer. She enjoys the outdoors with her family and service clients in Calgary Alberta